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  1. Anonymous says:

    T-shirt arrived today. I am now officially the greatest high school English teacher of all time. dam u str8 babygurl

  2. Stan Austin says:

    Before dam u str8 babygurl, I was just a dam u str8 babygurl. But now that I have dam u str8 babygurl, I’m dam u str8 babygurl and all the babygurls love me. Thank you, dam u str8 babygurl.
    dam u str8 babygurl

  3. Mailow says:

    Dam u str8 babygurl changed my dam u str8 babygurl, purchase your dam u str8 babygurl today and be dam u str8 babygurl, dam u str8 babygurl.

  4. Adam Harmon says:

    I got my dam u str8 babygurl bracelet just a week or so ago.
    Suddenly, I was the dam u str8 babygurlest babygurl in the world.
    I fought off bears, crocodiles, alligators, lions, and spiders.
    Before, I didn’t even lift. But now I can bench over 9000 pounds.
    dam u str8 babygurl has really changed my life. I could never stop being dam u str8 babygurl after I started.

    Buy a piece of dam u str8 babygurl and change your life forever.

  5. Mats Cijs says:

    Got my shit, went all dam u str8 babygurl over the floor.

  6. Katy Vasquez says:

    From Peoria, AZ and buying that shirt was the best day of my life. People are envious of my dam u str8 babygurlness.

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